Dennis Township Old School House Museum & History Center

The Dennis Township Museum is devoted to the collection of artifacts, historic documents, memorabilia and photographs which tells the story of our local communities of Belleplain, Clermont, Dennisville, Eldora, Northwest Dennis, Ocean View, South Dennis and South Seaville.

The Museum is handicapped accessible & ADA compliant. This website features roughly 700 images of people, places, houses and buildings spanning decades from the early days to the present.

Museum Hours

1st & 3rd Saturday of every month from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Openings also available by appointment.
We are closed on National Holidays and on winter days if ice and snow present any danger.

Dennis Township Old School House Museum Archive for Quarantine 2020 Stories

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact upon us all. During these especially trying days, the Old School House Museum is looking at ways to record our experiences for future generations.

With that in mind, we are starting an archive to gather the stories of Dennis Township residents of all ages with the idea of preserving our experiences and thoughts of this uniquely difficult time in history.

Hoping to keep the process as simple as possible, we ask that you send your narratives or photos to the email listed at the bottom of this notice. For now, this is the only way we will gather this information as the museum is presently closed.  Original art work, poems, memoir, and photos are welcome.

We will be reaching out to the Dennis Township schools, churches, and senior center to encourage those organizations to participate. But this is open to ALL Dennis Township residents.

Everything that is shared will be preserved in our museum archive (hard copy and/or digital) so that future generations of Dennis Township residents can access and learn firsthand how we coped with this pandemic.

The email to use to send materials is . This is the email for Ray Rebmann, Old School House Museum Curator and Township Historian.

Making Cedar Shingles

Robert and George Brewer gave a wonderful demonstration of making cedar shingles as part of Dennisville Day, Saturday, October 5, 2019 on the grounds of the Dennis Township (NJ) School House Museum.

video of making cedar shingles


Our Communities

Old photo of Belleplain handmill


Northwest Dennis family in front of house with white picket fence

North West Dennis

Clermont horse and carriage


Old church and congregation in Ocean View

Ocean View

dennisville street scene with church


Restaurant in South Dennis

South Dennis

Eldora workmen in front of building


South Seaville Bible camp

South Seaville

Visit Us

681 Petersburg Rd, Woodbine, NJ 08270
We are housed in the old Dennisville School House located on the corner of Petersburg Road and Hall Avenues in the heart of the Dennisville Village. The Museum is on the left and offers plenty of parking for cars or buses.

The museum building

History of the Old School House

1874 - 1948

The little old school house is the home of the Dennis Township Museum and History Center. It was built in 1874 on the corner of Petersburg Road and Hall Avenues. The land for this school was purchased from Charles and Sophia (Stites) Ludlam in 1872 for $250. On April 15, 1948 a fire occurred which destroyed the second floor. Later, repairs were made and a new roof was constructed over the first floor. A property swap took place between the Board of Education and the Township Committee in 1951 and a new Consolidated School was constructed on Academy Road. The Old Dennisville School building became the Dennis Township Municipal Hall until 1994 when the new Municipal Complex was completed.

When the Old School House was vacated, the Township Committee gave permission for the building to be used as a Museum and History Center. Its on-going mission is to build a comprehensive collection of artifacts and memorabilia that serve to depict the history and life of the eight villages that comprise the township

There were many giant steps in the history of this building which opened its doors to the education of young people in 1874. First as a school house, then in 1952 as the Township's Municipal Hall, and finally upon the completion of the new Municipal Complex it became the Township's Museum and History Center. It is our mission to gather as much of our local history in both word, pictures and artifacts as possible and house them in one place so that the rich history of our Township can be shared with those who recognize and value all that has gone into the making of our Township.

Should anyone like to contribute to the preservation of our history of the eight villages of Dennis Township please contact the Museum at (609) 861-1899. If you have valuable pictures, with your permission we would like to scan them to digitally preserve them and display them in the Museum and it's web site along with your verbal and/or written description.

pictures of old school house