Ocean View

Ocean View located on Route 9, which is called Shore Road in early county history. It was the main roadway to and from the northern counties and New York for those who wished to travel to the counties resorts. The Baptist Church located on Route 9 was the second to be honored on the National Register of Historic Places. Just north of the church is the John Townsend House which was originally constructed with the help of Joseph Ludlam of Dennis Creek and Thomas Leaming of Town Bank in the late 1600’s. It was during the original construction that the famous wrestling bout between Might Joe Ludlam and the Indian Champion took place. After the construction of the Townsend Homestead, John Townsend proceeded to impound the water of a creek near his home, thus creating Magnolia Lake which was the water source for his mills. This pristine lake was the site of many baptisms and remains in private ownership today. Early settlers near Mill Creek started a slat industry. They set up on the flatland’s near the sea large iron kettles which were filled with seawater. The seawater evaporated thus leaving a nice deposit of salt in the bottom.

View of Magnolia lake with clouds and lilypads

Magnolia Lake with autumn foliage

Views of Magnolia Lake

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